Our location

The Priory in Roehampton

The Priory in Roehampton

We consult at the Priory Hospital, Roehampton and at No. 127 Harley street, London

The Harley street consultation is in London. It is both discreetly and conveniently situated in the heart of the West End. Parallel to Regent Street it is easily reached by public transport with short walking distance from either Oxford Circus or Bond Street tube station.

Our care is confidential, and we are able to provide special arrangements for people who require more flexible access to care with us. We regularly fly nationally and internationally to conduct assessments.

Address for The Priory in Roehampton:

The Priory
Priory Lane
London, SW15 5JJ

Address for No. 127 Harley street, London:

127 Harley street