Memory impairment (“Memory Loss”)

Also known as “Memory Loss”. Memory loss can be partial or total and it is normal when it comes with aging. Sudden memory loss is usually a result of brain trauma and it may be permanent or temporary. When it is caused by medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, the memory loss is gradual and tends to be permanent. Otherwise the condition is temporary and only affects memories relating to a portion of one’s experience.

People of old age may start showing memory lapses. They may be very subtle at first, thus leading many people to discount the symptoms as a sign of getting old.

Example: A person will ask the same question or say the same thing repeatedly within a short period of time but without remembering the prior conversation. Important objects such as check books or wallets may be misplaced and lost. In the kitchen, pots can be left on the stove resulting in burnt food or small fires.
It is important to diagnose the problem and treat it early.