The Great Insomniacs

Throughout history there have been a great numbers of famous people who are known to have suffered from insomnia. The list below includes writers, poets, scientists and political leaders.
In spite of their inability to enjoy the benefits of a full night of deep, peaceful, relaxing sleep, these gifted individuals had the strength of character to cope with their sleep problems and achieve eminence in their lifetime.

In spite of the discomfort, frustration, stress and tension these famous people suffered from insomnia, they still managed to achieve distinction in their chosen fields. They never allowed their insomnia to stand in the way of their goals.

It is interesting to note however, that so many of these famous people, forced to cope with their sleep problems, also suffered from problems of depression and anxiety.

It is very difficult to know whether these moods of depression were the result of their insomnia or whether they were due to other unrelated factors. But it is highly likely they would have accomplished very much more had they been able to enjoy the benefits of comforting sleep every night.

The benefits to both mind and body of deep, relaxing, refreshing sleep every night are universally recognized. People are able to function physically far more effectively. They are also able to think far more clearly and work far more productively.

The following is a list of famous and successful people who are believed to be suffering, or have suffered, from insomnia: