The clinic

Welcome to the Powerful Mind Centre. We are an integrated neuropsychiatric clinic with our lead clinician, Dr Al-Falahe, a Neurophysiologist and Psychiatrist. We conduct consultations in Arabic, English, Italian and Swedish.

Our philosophy

Our work is centered around you. We aim to help with issues surrounding your life style and interpersonal relationships. Our philosophy is to listen in depth to your story then address medical, interpersonal, behavioral, dietary/nutritional and psychosocial matters.

Understanding you

To gain a complete picture of your personal situation, we will need to enquire about issues surrounding your family, work and interaction with the community. Due to the sensitive issues that may arise from these consultations, we would like to stress that we consider confidentiality to be an imperative part of our care.

Our success

Our detailed approach to patient care, where we consider the patients biological, psychological and social need is directly reflected in the clinic’s success. Our aim is to empower you to contribute to your own recovery.